Drug Cartel dismemberment

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59 Responses to Drug Cartel dismemberment

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  4. dadsfavor8 says:

    If this does NOT piss you off, please move to Mexico or Arizona and vote for Obama. He wants to sign a petition to make these illegals LEGAL here in the States!

  5. Cialis says:

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  6. birol says:

    buda ne böyle gerçekmi neden yapılmış..
    gerçek ise sebebi çok önemli umarım hak etmiştir..

  7. huy says:

    u are fucken freaks how you can enjoy someone’s death?1

  8. hohi says:

    i do like the way you have framed this particular issue.

  9. juan says:

    I like this

  10. Jordan says:

    not to be disgusting or any thing…. but that chicks hottt….

  11. slve says:

    who willl do it to me… like on pictures..

  12. shah says:

    Eww..how people can kill a girl and cuts the hands and legs..this is Horrible.. that person should go to hell, who killed her badly.. god will never forgive that person

  13. davis says:

    cadeeee as porraaa dossss videossssssssssss

  14. illuminated one says:

    hey dadsfavor8 fuck u

  15. santino says:

    me gusta las tetas de la mina

  16. me_m says:

    these pictures are disgusting!


  17. fuck says:

    @shah (#12), if God was real this shit wouldn’t happen you fucking retard.

    • Armando gomez says:

      Are u saying that if barbers were real people wouldn’t have long hair and bad haircuts?

      • Martin Alice says:

        Bro,since you see it that way, let me ask you. Squirrels climb Street lights, sooo…are they electrician??????

      • Nonya Bizness says:

        Barbers are definitely real though, your argument makes no sense…We have all seen them and probably gone to one in our lives. So, logically, to dispute their existence would be foolish. It actually makes a lot of sense to suggest the absence of God, especially knowing that people do terrible things to decent and undeserving people and there is no good explanation for any of it, except for of course the obvious and most logical idea that God doesn’t really exist, but instead is just a concept made by man to influence behavior and often used as an excuse for poor behavior towards others.

    • Martin Alice says:

      There’s no God, we are GODS. But don’t argue with blind people. They’re brain washed.

  18. Dello says:

    What a waste of nice tits!

  19. ho says:

    was hoping for a story. deathtube has too much room for improvement. you suck. learn how to create an informative website. we aren’t all here just to gawk or excite neurosis. assholes.

    • Nonya Bizness says:

      I agree that they should have more information on the victims…I happen to know this girl’s story from seeing it on a different site.
      This young lady made a deal with a drug cartel, claiming to have a large amount of weed(if I remember correctly). They showed up with her money, but she did not follow through on her end of the deal, and this was the consequence…I don’t know her name or the name of the cartel, but I do remember that they did this to her because of only $7,500…to a cartel that’s chump change

  20. akjuggalo says:

    Ho (19th comment) yea I have to say she/he is rite about there is a lot of improvement that could be done but I am not going be the type of lame asshole to call out the sites owners like she/he did instead I am asking if you need any help on the site or is this as far as your going to take it?

    BTW. Ho, go jump off a bridge… maybe the photos could be uploaded to this page… think of it this way your helping the site owner out…

    • Crou says:

      Sure contact me and we can discuss.

    • Nonya Bizness says:

      Jeez so much hostility! He was stating his opinion…that’s what the comment section is for. Granted it could have been more respectful, but at least they didn’t tell the site admin to “go jump off a bridge.”

  21. SuqMaDiq says:

    @fuck you are one sick motherfucker

  22. substrate says:

    God does exist. This is not proof that He does not exist. It is proof that evil exists.

  23. p.pan says:

    dadsfavor8 u r nothin but a wanker,
    red neck racist. O by the way thats a human
    being laying there wat the fuck that’s got to do
    with Obama I don’t know. TRY THINKING ONCE IN
    WHILE, it really helps but in ur case nit so sure.

  24. Deathjokes says:

    No bet her hair cut cost an arm a leg

  25. Homeboy98 says:

    Fucking people they will die soon but not all hispanic people do this only grug dealers people who sell drugs I hate this world like this this is bullshit

  26. Sepheriel says:

    I’m getting hungry for looking at these pics(as a cannibal lol)

  27. Nonya Bizness says:

    I’ve seen this on a similar website…the young woman told the cartel she had some large amount of weed, they gave her the money ( I believe it was $7,500) but she never held up her end of the deal. It’s sad but you can’t help but think, “you should have known better…”

  28. CockBoy says:

    A practical little fuck-doll without arms and legs. Soooo much easier to handle and toss around.

  29. Jo says:

    She shouldn’t have left the kitchen.

  30. Anon :) says:

    Eh she had some perky tits tho

  31. 616 says:

    So cute wish there was a video of the dismembering.. perhaps just audio of her screams.

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