Emo cutting themselves

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101 Responses to Emo cutting themselves

  1. FELIX says:


    • Howdydoodleydoo says:

      Not psycho, just sad, miserable attention whore.

      • Ashley says:

        We r not fuckin whores we don’t cut to get attention well some of us do but some of us cut to feel pain or it’s bc of depression we have ok we can’t help it its addictive we either cut for depression or whn we want to feel pain or some ppl want attention Thts fine but we cut so we can feel pain and show some of y’all ok y’all don’t need to be assholes and say omg Thts fucked up yea we know it is but we like to do it it’s our thing and if u don’t like it thn move on and quit looking up why do emo’s cut ok u stay out of ours and we will stay out of urs

        • Destiny says:

          Thank u some one get it

        • Kaci says:

          You’re right, not all people that cut themselves do it for attention. It’s the one’s who find it necessary to post pictures of it on the internet, who are the “attention whores”. Judging by the way you talk, I feel as if you’re sort of a poser. You keep saying “we”, as if these pictures are yours, which is highly doubtful. Just calm your tits. You’re not being insulted what-so-ever by these pictures, so quit acting like it.

        • Jamie Lynne says:

          your’e all idiots and losers and attention whores. sorry.

      • Wolf says:

        No just sad stuff can be happening to them not everyone that cuts themself are attetion whores

  2. Sarah says:

    Completely fucken stupid
    How many people die everyday and wish they could still be around and these people just play like this and think its nothing. If life is so shit fucken move and start a new life for yourself , its not that hard

  3. Angel says:

    wtf people think wath u doing. czs God give u body not cut yourself, but love your self…wtf i dont understund u!!!
    how u can cut urself!

  4. Volk says:

    If this are Emo, I’m the Queen of UK.

  5. Maria says:

    Oh wow. EXHIBITING self-injury is so mainstream. What is this? A competition for who can bleed out the most before they pass out? This isn’t even “emo.” Hardcore? Sure. But this is just making a real problem that some of us actually have to deal with look really bad. Just saying. This is real for some people, why do you have to make it look so damn bad?

  6. Twisty says:

    I dont think anyone needs to judge but obviously this person has (or had) a problem…. i hope they got help, who is this?

  7. tabby says:

    Ok STFU about “god” already would ya u friggn christain psychopaths hes not even real hes a damn myth so shut up about it and if they wanna do that its their desiscion they can stop when ever the hell they want to but its mostly because of all the styreotypes out there who push em to the point they cut themselves mainly even christains do it for the life “god” put them in maybe its their only way to cope with things or maybe its their only way to escape…. but themain thing is QUIT FUCKING CRITIZIZING PPL AND YES IM TLKING TO U FELIX UR COMMENT MADE ME THE MOST SICKEST!!!!!!

  8. Steph says:

    Wow I used to be emo so I no how these ppl feel but I never qot to tha point where I almost cut mi arm/laqe all tha way open like that! So I feel really bad foe ppl like this and I will keep you all ion mi prayers!

    May GOD BLESS YOU! O:)

  9. coolchikk3977 says:

    i’m 13 years old and in the 7th grade..used to cut myself until my mom found out..but i wasn’t THAT hardcore when i did it..as a matter of fact they hardley even bled when i did it..but dont think im saying itz not a big deal…because it is…what i mean is that cutting yourself is bad, and that i didnt cut as bad as this person did…wish u the best and pray that go will let u live bcuz once u pop a vein, thats it..your gone..so stop NOW

  10. coolchikk3977 says:

    oh, and P.S. whenever i start to feel depressed or angry at myself, my mom takes me running with her so i can let out all of my anger, sadness, and depression..she says itz a better way to release all of ur anger and emotions..and i agree and now i’m living a happy life.. why? because your supossed to ENJOY life, not DESTROY it!!

  11. Jessica says:

    Alguiieen ayudelo!:(
    Ya no te cortes u.u

  12. ellison says:

    y the fuck dont those dam mother fucken bitches know that they will bleed 2 death!if they hate them selves so much y dont they cut their throats instead, at least that way they wont suffer as much!

  13. Evelyn says:

    I used to cut my self after my dad died. It was the only way I was sure that it was all real.

    Soon I stopped, though. I realized that cutting wasn’t making anything easier.

    So if your cutting yourself, you need to stop. I’ve learned from expireance.

  14. Angelgirlz says:

    Omg! I feel like crying. Those people are cutting themselves really badly. What good will it do?! It dosent make people happy and it hurts. Its just sad seeing people in pain. If i was a millionare i would give half my money for something to happen about all the cutting and for it to stop, to stop child cruelty and to giv fucking murderers a taste of their own shit! The modern times are soo stupid and freaky! This is the sad part of the internet again…we meet again!

  15. Britani Williams says:


    • Jamie Lynne says:

      Idiot. We all live on planet earth… And over half of us aren’t as stupid as you, so we get it. We just know there are better, less psychopathic ways to deal with things.

  16. posy says:

    This is terribly triggering!

  17. amirul says:

    damn shittttt

  18. Zane says:

    Omg this is so horrible

  19. hurrtt says:

    Why are you people so judgemental?.. yes it is alittle disturbing with how deep this cuts are but this person is obviously hurting inside you dont get cutting if your being to judgement I cut not this bad but im getting there which is why im getting help and hopefully this person will too before its to late. cutting is just another escape just like smoking drinking binging cocaine and other drug use and eating disorders, you people are the ones that need help if you can go on here see this and not be worried or wonder about this persons past or why he/she does it .. you people should get help.

  20. Molly says:

    I dont know about most people but i can clarify why i cut. I’m a college student, always EXTREMELY high strung. Whenever i needed to concentrate, a little cut, emptied my mind. it was a lot like smoking(which i do now). a little punctuation to my day so that i could concentrate and do work.

  21. Amber says:

    This scares me, not because I think it’s stupid or gross but because I fight with myslef everyday with wanting to cut. I wish I could do it with out poeple asking questions and threatening me. I don’t do it to die, I like the rush and the smell and the blood. I wish people accepted cutting like they do alcoholics and druggies, or like going out and having a causual drink with friends.

    • Martin Alice says:

      Very nice, educated and organized . you wouldn’t have found a better way to put this people in place.just tooo good. Nice job!!! I mean, I agree!!!

  22. Labiba says:

    WTF ! this is craZy. i don’t get this, y wud this person do this to him/her self, its HORRIBLE. IF u really feel this depressed,left out than go talk with someone that can help u. And if u don’t want to don’t cut or hurt ur self. Punch something (not a wall). But ppl who r out there doing this plzzz STOP ! thIS IS terrible. :'(

  23. Kevin says:

    What the fucked people . I think they should be shooted down and bleed out.

  24. Jordan says:

    so? its a way to let go…. have you ever thought some emos have tried other options? i realize some may have not. for me? its simply a way to cover up the pain… when others hurt you, you gotta find some way to cover up the pain. that is why i do it. because to not do it id be causing myself more pain. the pain we experience is different. its on the borderline of pain and pleasure. if feels good. its like the pain of our everyday life washes away with the blood running down our arms. most physical pain doesnt register with us… its the emotional pain. emotional pain… cant be fixed. it can only be postponed. and thats why we do it… i mean i cant speak for everyone… but i am anonymously speaking for myself.. 🙂

  25. Jordan says:

    gods that smiley face looks stupid…

  26. Ivy says:

    I think these people are going a tiny bit too far. In one of the pictures, there is a wrist that is literally cut to the bone. I don’t think light cutting is a problem, but if you need stitches… Well that’s not going to be nice. And your fucking parents find out and yell at you.

    “Many people die everyday and wish they could still be around.” yes, that is correct, but, you don’t realize that for us, our very existence is painful and unfair. We want to kill ourselves. But we don’t, maybe it’s because of a pet that would be mistreated if we were gone. Maybe it’s one kind relative that would probably follow you if you did that… I don’t know. Everyone has their own reasons.

    So we cut, to let the pain out.

    I am not going to say that this is stupid, some people feel pain more severely than others. Some people get unfairly pressurized and find ways to let that pressure out. I don’t think that is wrong. For me, the alternative is getting a kitchen knife and going on a serial killing rampage… Obviously I don’t want to kill innocent people. So I cut.

    One day, we will snap and kill ourselves. But until that day, this is the only thing that keeps us alive…

  27. Mega says:

    It’s not as simple as that. You don’t just cut because you are not satisfied with life. Most of these cuts were made to end their life. You have no idea the shit any of these people go through. Don’t judge… They have problems, go through pain, and deal with shit NONE of you can imagine even in your worst nightmares. Stop calling them stupid. You don’t understand because compared to their lives, your life is perfect.
    How do I know this? Because I used to be one of them. Think about it as a disease, not some stupid shit people do because were ’emo’ or any of the bullshit you think. If you went through the shit we went through, you would have already killed yourself.

  28. Anon says:

    This is inspiring…

  29. John says:

    I hope you are ok I’m emo but not this bad how did u end up like this? Why did you start? I hope you r ok. And to all you FUCKERS out there that insult her PISS off u have ur problems she has hers. Wat if we talked trash on you’re secrets and ways of dealing with pain?

  30. Raymal says:

    I cut myself. It’s difficult to start a new life… You get followed. Watch Amanda Todd’s Video on Youtube, then you’ll see.

  31. Connie says:

    Gee I am glad I stoped cutting myself and got some meds for my empetyness and numbness. And it was dumb that I cut myself over a man that I had feeling for. In the end I stoped before it could get way to bad. I have to say this that it sucked having bad feelings that are too painful the point you cut yourself and don’t feel it. I am gald I am on Meds because I really needed them big time.And I fond out that I have Schizoaffective Disorder too. When I cut my self it was the year 2010 and I havent cut myself sometime. And I am gald that I am moving on with my life and not feel sorry for myself anymore. Oh and I am Goth, but just about anybody can cut there selfs over bad feelings. And I wish I’d never cut myself, because I have scars on my body that I have to hide.

  32. zeyzey says:

    ds fous sur terre wallah tfou

  33. Liam laws says:

    U people don’t get it do u. I used to cut because I was depressed and all my friends thought I was doing it for attention but then I told them why. My dad died from cancer and many emo people cut so that they can get that depression out. By cutting them selves they focus the pain on the cut and not the probably.and I hate people that call them stupid or idiots so if u have read this think twice before judging something. If u would like 2 talk 2 me about this please send me a email to crazypachirisu1@gmail.com And I will try to answer back as soon as I can thx.

  34. Sarah says:

    Hey look you all may not understand why people cut there self so why don’t you just back off oka I do it I do it to get ride of the pain that’s inside of me I focuse more on that pain then anything. And others do it because they may have no one in there lifeguard there for them and loves themselves do why dont you just back off and let them do what they want with there body’s they will learn… And if not that right person will come in there lives and show them and help them out but yet love them for who they are and what they do…

  35. anais says:

    pk vous faite sa pk arrêter svp ARRETER 🙁

  36. anais says:

    je ne peut plus suporter de voir sa ARRETER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  37. rachel says:

    Jesus loves the looks of the refuse is not a good plan for your life, loves you and gave His life for us on the cross of Calvary. Get it in your life and be free of any mental yoke of all kinds. Revelation 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with me.

  38. Heidi says:

    Absolutly beautiful, the georgous bright red blood ah its so peacefull to look at

  39. meg says:

    I think that is the wrong way to get attion their are other ways like drawing or playing gtair or just something else.

  40. Nikki says:

    what the fuck is wrong with these ppl!?
    if life for you is so shitty, fucking kill yoursELF

    you are all FUCKTARDS.

  41. person| says:

    absolutely beautiful. this is real art, real body art, not just boring tattoos or stuff like that… but the real fcking deal!

  42. Melanie says:

    it makes me smile all that blood … it’s beautiful

  43. Kate says:

    Wow. Ok, you don’t need to hate! These people obviously aren’t doing it for fun. These are all really deep meaning they meant to DIE that night! It’s not funny. They are attempting suicide! Do you know how that feels? I do. I’m young so I can’t just “move and make a better life for myself” okay?! You are all so rude because being mean about seeing what they do to themselves is sick when you don’t even know their stories! That’s right, I’m a tiger that earned her stripes and I’m not afraid to roar at hypocritical people. Get out if you don’t like it!

  44. Lalala says:

    And he was immediately rushed to the hospital…Or not!

  45. Sonja S. says:

    I had to stop reading the comments and find this box so I could say a few thangs! First of all, being emo doesn’t necessarily mean you are into cutting, blood, and gore. Being “EMO”, simply means that you like to be different than what the world expects you to be. Hopefully most find the positivity in that path! Now on to deeper stuff, no pun intended. I am an ex heroin addict, started with bad back and pain, trying anything to be able to do the things I’ve always done, camping,hiking,twirling batons,knives n flags, just being active. Something as simple as Riding a horse or a roller coaster is not in my list of things I’m able to do anymore and Im only 34 yrs old. Boy, cant wait till I’m 50!!lmao! (just tryin’ to lighten the mood to get my point out easier!) Back to the subject… Addiction is a disease, people who aren’t in the medical profession or that haven’t been addicted do not and will not ever understand this. They continue to mock or judge because they don’t understand. Please look past them, and forgive their ignorance for they just don’t know. I seen the comment about the person who likes the rush of the blood, and probably a new sharp blade…I know that feeling. There was nothing like a new needle that just went in smoothly and then when ya hit the vein and the blood draws back into the needle you know you’ve hit the mark and in two seconds the world as you know it will be bearable. Even though I’m speaking of physical pain as my trigger, there was the emotional of knowing you cant keep up with your friends when walking through the mall or a parking lot. Anyway, I know all about that euphoria of each little event that happens as a result of your “fix”. I keep saying that I think addiction goes so deep and I believe in my own opinion that its in your genes or genetic make up. Its almost too heavy to think about or deal with and that’s why the cycle continues. In reality it just causes more pain and heartache and you feel good while doing it then when you’re done or out of drugs and money, you feel like the biggest piece of shit on the planet! This shit gets deep man, I don’t think we will ever totally understand it or what causes it. I don’t think medical science or technology will ever tell us either. It’s one of those things that the only way you’re going to find out why it happens is when you are standing face to face with God… This brings me to the next set of comments concerning religion. I went to church for most of my childhood. I did the vacation bible school and Awana all that… Then when my brother died, of a brain-stem tumor, I wanted to know, how God could take the life of an innocent, vibrant, most awesome 7 year old little boy who could turn the shittiest mood into a party. How could “God” take the life of a little boy that could make the sun come out on the crappiest rainy days? So, for a few years, I tried my hardest to stop believing in God, to ignore what I could not see,taste, hear, smell, feel. But you know what, I kept witnessing things that would only happen with a miracle. Too many to list but what started it all was my dog had survived parvo. She was as good as dead. Then I forced a prayer out, next day then vet called and said it was like she was never sick! I thought no way, just a coincidence! Then I was having one of my days, missing my brother and just wanting a sign, some kind of sign that he is ok. That night i woke up with kinda scared, and at the foot of my bed was Fuzz(his name is eric, we called him fuzz cause when he was a baby he had peach fuzz blond hair)! He was fine and happy and he looked better than in real life. So I started to pray again and asking for signs and sometimes i got them sometimes i didn’t. You can feel or think whatever you like and believe whatever you believe but know this, if you think positively and you believe in something, you have a better chance at being hAppy and content. Start surrounding yourselves with positive people. People that want to see you do good in life. The kids at school, you most likely are never going to see them again once you graduate. Trust me on this! And the ones that you think are going to remain your friends forever…..NOPE! GUESS AGAIN! YAll are gonna grow up and have boyfriends and girlfriends which take up your tine and you’ll have jobs and lives that are more family oriented instead of whos got the best clothes or shoes and he said she said! Start thinking about your futures and if you have kids, what would you do if they were cutting or doing drugs and you found out? And dont say you would smoke weed with them and party it up them because i can tell you, that kind of thinking, it matures as you mature!I know I’m babbling on, but its on purpose to let you see in to my life a little. This stuff was all stuff as a teenager and into my late 20’s. Im not going to blow sunshine up your ass and say that this is normal and that there’s nothing wrong with you. Because it’s not normal and you are very sick. You aren’t even “you”. You have become the ‘disease and the disease has become you. It’s the only way you know how to cope and need to be taught other ways to live and other methods of coping with stress and pain. And it’s not an overnight process, it’s going to take time, believe me. You have to find a counselor or program that works for you and work that program. And I don’t use the word “work” lightly either. It’s going to be hard and it’s extremely terrifying at the beginning because you don’t know what to expect, and you are going to get overwhelmed easily. But if you stick it out and accept the help that you so desperately need! it’s going to be okay…YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY!!! You just need a little push in the right direction! i hope to God that I am able to help someone here today. My email is luvmyratties2@yahoo.com Please if you need to talk please feel freee to message me anytime. My situation might not have been cutting but was drugs and is under the same category of addiction and disease. And i certainly know you’re feeling and what your going through!! And you can talk to me about anything and not worry about being judged or looked down on. We all have our demons and its not my job to judge! I have never given my email out or my phone number but after seeing this stuff and these pics I feel compelled and I feel like i can really help someone! Please if yall are gonna do this, please don’t go that deep. You can see his veins running down the cut. If he happened to hit one of them….hES FUDGED!

  46. Sonja S. says:

    I seem to be having some problems with both of my yahoo email addresses so you can also email me at luvmyratties@gmail.com

  47. Azia Faze says:

    It’s beautiful…

  48. Becca says:

    for Christ sake cutting releases endorphins which make you feel better that’s why people cut because for a moment in their life they feel better and it helps them with what they’re going through yes this is extreme and they should get help about it but it obviously makes this person feel better,

  49. Breanna Roberts says:

    I like pictures of this but that’s just men 🙂 love this blog

  50. Breanna Roberts says:

    I mean me oops

  51. Okay so i cut myself too and a lot of you people say we have problems but we dont you people arent like us the kids adults teens preteens who all cut ourselfs we need help some people say but really we do this to ourselfs maybe it causes no pain maybe your coments should go fucking princcessponys.com and you can make fun of us people we dont need help and we are not mental its people like you who cause this kids cut themselfs because we maybe are gay,goth,emo,and amain one that we cut our selfs is because we are harrased because of what we do or who we are or how we treet ourselfs this does not mean you have to judge us this is why we who cut should not be bullied because of cuts and scares what bothers me is that we never get attention to what we say or think or how we act we have to do what we do to make the mental pain go away and our way of doing this is by cutting ourselfs this is what we do and who we want to be so just leave us alone.b so the point of this site is to make us who we want to be and so we can show it let it be written then maybe we should let it be heard the way it should be heard in the real way and in the most truthful way it should be said and heard.

  52. dulcy says:

    shit how can i cut like that i try i bleed but can some one tell me what to use if can please message me on facebook look for this link [EDITED] and i do it because i have nothing left so if any 1 says im strange oh well

  53. gabby says:

    it looks to hard to cut that deep.im to scared to try becuz if i do im gonna have a big ass scar for the rest of my life,and im only 12.i dont know how someone can cut that deep.now i know its not impossible.and for the ppl who keep on saying that this is beutiful its not.ppl only do this to let their pain out.thats not cool

  54. i cut and i never bleed that how can i do it.i dont have acsess to those kind of blades cuz im only 12.its hard for me to get any blades.

  55. Owleyes says:

    I’m a cutter because I am excluded, ignored, hit, pushed, slapped, and much more at school all you haters get off the gad damn site because these people are cutting because of people like you judge and bully them so they try not to let it get to them but you push them to the point were they self harm then bitch about that but once they do it its hard to get help or tell because your ashamed maybe you she accept people more for who they are and respect their destions in life such as being gay/goth/emo/shy/wearing different clothes/dying their hair/ and other life destions they make if it doesn’t effect you physically get the fuck over it

  56. Owleyes says:

    Idiots you should go ‘get pissed slit your wrist and jump of a brige…’ Not make others do it that quote is from the song undead by hallywoodundead

  57. Emily says:

    Cutting is stupid, I mean there is this thing called therapy. It fucking works you dipshits.
    Also this “why would you destroy a body god gave to you”-shit is making me sick. If God was real, why would he make cutting a thing. Talking about loopholes.

  58. MansonMorbidMalice says:

    I cut because it feels good, it turns me on, the texture of the skin after it’s been ripped open, the blood on my tongue. I love watching someone else bleed. That above all else is what really gets me going.

  59. Ari says:

    Look at all the blooooodddd it’s soo goooooooddd Jesus chriiiissttt :))))))))

  60. David P. says:


  61. Mackenzie Brannsteter says:

    If you people knew what they we’re going through you would understand . You don’t know their story .

  62. emily says:

    wtf people u guys dont know what the fuck is going on with these people, people get bullied so much they cant help themselves when people cut themselves that means they are going threw a tough time in there life but if they didnt kill themselves they would look back at them and say why the fuck did i do that to my self if u guys know anyone that cuts tell them then give them a reason not to and if they dont stop go tell someone about there promblem.

  63. emily says:

    and yes i do cut

    • Jayco says:

      You’re now 16 and you cut……wow. Wait til you hit 25. If you think shit is bad now just fucking wait. BTW, don’t pull your “you don’t know what its like” shit with me. By the time I was 12, my parents had been murdered in a bombing and my brother blew his brains out in front of me. At 22, my fiancé died in a car wreck. I’m 36 now and married with an excellent life and it’s because I refused to piss moan and bitch about how life was treating me or how everything is so unfair. I built my life from the ground up.

  64. emily says:

    try not to bully other people because these pics show what people o when they get bullied but its not always bulling

  65. I do not understand why people hurt themselves. Their lives must really be fucked up. They really do need to get help. I hope they find it.

  66. Lucem fere says:

    It’s just the dead gasping for air

  67. Daniel says:

    Thanks for this beautiful collection,
    it is the best mankind can to to themselves.
    : I´m lovin´ it :
    Every isolated, hurt or dead human is big gain for the World.

  68. rina says:

    Ugh this is such beutifull artwork I admire this person and also that they posted so not only they drown in pain but also make another use of this

  69. wtf says:

    what?really?you miserable human beings?why cut? go and fucking face your problems head on !fight!what are you sad pices of existence!take back what is yours even if that is to take a life in defense of yours what the fuck are you doing harming your selves?is it that bad?where you raped,tortured,did mommy or daddy die?if you where raped then kill the rapist if you where tortured i sure as hell hope that you fucking give them every ounce of beating they diserve for fucking with you if your parents died then live on
    attack your problems directly people do i mean to kill in cold blood?no but you sure as hell can put up a fight to defend your selves what ever the fuck your going through- end of rant

  70. Autocorrect says:

    Oh gosh where do I start with the corrections…
    This goes for most commenters on here (I’m not sure if I got them all though)

  71. TheRealHeartache says:

    Here I sit at 27, looking for a fix… I’ve been doing really well last year or two but, sometimes ( I know it’s weird but sometimes it works) I look at pictures and it helps me to walk away but holy shit.. I guarantee the person that did this did not post this as a prize. If they did, don’t worry baby…. It will be over when you find a new boyfriend.

  72. Fuck Off says:

    So now if you cut youre emo ?
    If you have so much self hate in you you cut, youre emo ?
    If you are in the darkest spot every and you have the nerve to drag a blade across your fucking skin , youre emo ?

    • 616 says:

      Not necessarily I grew up cutting just cuz I thought it was funny and then all of the little cunts made it a stereotype it’s sad really..

  73. Sam says:

    Is this where I download my Minecraft skin?

  74. Jamie Lynne says:

    This person would die from blood loss if not infection before they got very far anyways. Either fake or this person is dead/went to hospital for a long long time and are now disfigured.

  75. 616 says:

    Awwwww that’s sooo cute! I remember doing shit like that… the blood loss…. the fatigue…. such happy memories, all those people could do better those attempts are so half-assed

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