Another EMO cutting

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26 Responses to Another EMO cutting

  1. Raj Islam says:

    Is this really happened or it’s just photo?

  2. vivianna says:

    why are you doing these :s i wanna know who is the guy on the emo picture he cut his arm and yiu can see his wearing a cruxifix !! i wanna know his name ! where i can find him ! please

  3. gfsgdsgd says:

    hahahahahahha, kto wam to zrobil?stary?

  4. lol says:


  5. person1 says:

    these are not even bad lol. even I have done worse than those.

  6. Azia Faze says:

    They’re so sweet and shallow. This is darling beautiful.

  7. No says:

    You dont have to be “Emo” To cut…Emo is style

  8. grimm101 says:

    sugeeeeeeeeeeeeee! i wish i could do a cut like that !

  9. palechick2213 says:

    What kind of razor gives the best cut?

    • 616 says:

      Depends on what type of cut you’re looking for if you’re someone who is very tentative about cutting I would suggest the blades you find in the hair care aisle thin bendy pretty unreliable but they’re going to be the sharpest if you’re someone who likes a lot of control with their swipes I would suggest Industrial blades you might find in the hardware aisle.

  10. dulcy says:

    shit how can i cut like that i try i bleed but can some one tell me what to use if can please message me on facebook look for this link [EDITED]

  11. nny says:

    JFC. How pathetic. Do it right.

  12. gabby says:

    i haven’t cut that deep but i’ve bleed more than that

  13. gabby says:

    i haven’t cut that deep i wanna know how

  14. kenneth john avila says:

    i love those emo cut….

  15. Di says:

    Cuts that are deep will stand open and tend to not bleed as much at first, but then a dam opens up. I tend to break open a disposable razor head and use those if I want to go deep, or use the blade from a hand-held pencil sharpener for more pain (because it’s wider). The trick is to go slow, so if the pain gets overwhelming, you can pause and het used to it before continuing. Also, (if you have enough room), try to taper the cut on both ends, so the deepest point is in the middle. This gives your cut a starting point when forming a scab. If you don’t taper, like I do sometimes, it can stand open for days without even beginning to heal it. This can make it harder to hide, more tender, and risk infection. One should cut across the arm, halfway between the elbow and the wrist to make it less likely to hit a vein. If you hit a vein, the blood will be dark red, bright red if you hit an artery. Cutting is a coping device that allows one to channel their emotions. Some become addicted to it, or comforted by the sight of them. Its not healthy to be self-destructive, and I recommend finding help. While I did provide tips from my own experience, I strongly recommend cutting far, far away from any major blood supply. Please stay strong and work through it. I’m sorry that the pain is so great, but I want you to know someone will always be there. Find them, and help them help you. Love you^•^

  16. Ari says:

    Put more pressure or get a new razor that has never been used.
    If you want more blood to come out, ya gotta punch your cuts :))))

  17. Sepheriel says:

    I like this site 😀

  18. Nate says:

    I cut my damn self
    I cant stop.
    Its so easy to say your not suicidal to a doctor and he falls for it.
    I wish i could control it but its a problem that will never be solved

    • Soworriedforyouall says:

      Oh my gosh. I’m just curious what kind of trauma you have suffered that would make you risk eternity in either nothingness if your atheist or he’ll if your not. I am not being blotchy if it sounds that way. I am truly concerned and honestly want to know. I’m a stranger so telling me can’t hurt.

  19. Alex says:

    I wish I could cut deep like that my hand starts to shake when I start going in for it. I might have to do 40 baby cuts just to bleed. I do it because depression and the fact I enjoy seeing myself bleed.

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