Something is Moving

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13 Responses to Something is Moving

  1. gabrele10 says:

    blood,gore and torture

    • Jax says:

      You wouldn’t feel that way if the shit happened to you. You would cry like the bitch that you are in real life. You probably go nuts when you don’t have your cell phone. People like you are whores.

      • Matt says:

        Hell ya I would that’s why I like it

      • serina says:

        i wouldn’t cry tho i would laugh because shit like that has happened to me and worse has happened and i laughed. i love it. i live watching others and myself in pain its a beautiful thing. have you ever seen the life leave leave someones eyes no peacefully but painfully watching them plead for mercy. watching there eyes beg for you to let them go or to not hurt there loved ones its absolutely beautiful.

  2. Bolo32 says:

    Agreed with jax!

  3. Rawhide says:

    I was curious about these sites, but after viewing and reading some of the follow up comment’s, I don’t understand how people can get their rock’s off by watching this shit. They must be mentally sick so should be sent to the funny farm and locked up indefinitely. There’s a lot of twisted dangerous fuckwits out there.

    • AskMeFucker says:

      Just because people don’t have emotions for others or has psychopathic tendencies doesn’t mean they should be in the nutt house. As a matter of fact, Psychopathy CANNOT BE TREATED. So, I would venture to say that myself, and probably most here have psychopathic tendencies. And the ones that don’t are doctors, medical examiners, etc who wish to use it to learn. I would further venture to say that most people here aren’t clinically ill.

  4. askjlasjaskjd says:

    fuck this shit is disgusting

  5. gg_cornelious says:

    this really shouldn’t be amusing

  6. Snake says:

    I cant understand why people enjoy this , I myself don’t really feel much of anything anymore . I’ve been looking for something to bring back my fear , bring back my hate , bring back my old self. Now a days the thought of useless existence is what takes the joy in life away from me

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