Killed on a motorbike

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47 Responses to Killed on a motorbike

  1. BUTTCHEEK says:

    Should have been wearing a helmet

  2. David P. says:


  3. rina says:

    Those intestines are the icing on the cake

  4. HeXx says:

    Everyone always wishes they could be in two places at once. He has achieved this.

  5. Robert says:

    I’m thinking the ambulance is not needed!

  6. Emily says:

    Ooo nice dick dead man i would give him a blowjob if i saw this XD

  7. clover says:

    this website is my personal heaven im so glad i found it

  8. Jj says:

    Wearing his fancy gloves but no leathers or helmet makes perfect sense

  9. Yourmom says:


  10. The Donald says:

    Another victim of Mrs Bill Clinton?!

  11. justin case says:

    “Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be…”

  12. justin case says:

    Hey what’s with the addition and subtraction problems to prove I’m not a robot? That’s unfair to blacks, they won’t be able to post.

  13. Jo says:

    These comments are messed up…that’s my half brother.

  14. Random says:

    No penis?!? XD

  15. Daniel says:

    Was he riding the scooter in the background?lol

  16. Whitefang says:

    There does not seem to be enough blood.

  17. Paciano Gaudenzio says:

    helmet is helmet you dont have one you die :))

  18. Blogzilla says:

    He was. If you look closely there is a helmet laying on the side of the road in one of the pictures. A lot of “good” it did :/ I don’t understand why anyone gets on these death traps.

  19. Blogzilla says:

    He was one sexy ass mutha fuka, wasn’t he?

  20. Jamie Lynne says:

    yeah there is no blood it makes no sense.

  21. Lea says:

    Yea, but no one wonders,why the fuck he didnt wear PANTS if he was driving a motorbike.Ehm HELLOU? Who is the world wouldnt wear pants driving one….akward

    • BlogZilla says:

      No one wonders because it doesn’t really matter, does it? Neither long pants or a helmet would have saved this dude

  22. c a t says:

    its because he didnt floss

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