Face gone missing

Brazilian selfie - Imgur

A 16 year-old male student was playing with firecrackers at home when one of them exploded in front of his face - Imgur

Before and after Acid to the face - Imgur

Body in a wetsuit with little flesh left on his skull found at the beach - Imgur

Brutal shotgun suicide photo - Imgur

Face off - Imgur

facial decomposition [gif] - Imgur

Facial puzzle - Imgur

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26 Responses to Face gone missing

  1. pamela says:

    Love your page,must be a really sick person to like these photos,but cant help it

  2. Yukki says:

    So glad I discovered this page!

  3. Chanelle says:

    This is so sad I need to pray

  4. Thizzkid says:

    What happened to the site babe

  5. sousouka says:

    i want to post my some of my selfharm pics and vids without my identity being known :3

  6. gg_cornelious says:


  7. Jo says:

    This site is cool, but there is hardly anything to it.

  8. Edgar says:

    Aj’s grandpa

  9. Taco_bell says:

    10/10 would jerk again

  10. satan says:

    do people actuallylike this?

  11. G says:

    Very interesting site. I just think it would be o much better if there were back stories to.each photo. Not only would it give more content to look through it would make it more interesting and definitely help with the fact that i dont like not knowing what happened when i look at these photos. Just a thought to keep people coming back.

  12. evan says:

    give this porn 1/10 will not jerk again

  13. gay says:

    Not enough gore

  14. Dick weaver says:

    Pretty sure these are fake

  15. Dick weaver says:

    Pretty sure these are fake.
    Look at the brain matter the lips. Oh and the eyes are you kidding me. Her eyes would be gone.

  16. DeadGirl says:

    Best Gore is the BEST!

  17. Andre says:

    If you enjoy these you should seek help fast.

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