Face gone missing continuation

Two faced much - Imgur

Victim of an homemade bomb - Imgur

Show me where it hurts.. - Imgur

Rapist dies a horrible death - Imgur

Porsche Girl - Nikki Catsouras - Imgur

Oral hygene is very important. - Imgur

O_ - Imgur

Mask - Imgur

Miami Cannibal man attack victim Before and After - Imgur

Just a Mexican cartel thing - Imgur

Glory Hole - Imgur

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17 Responses to Face gone missing continuation

  1. david says:

    lol weak shit

  2. Yvette says:

    Would be interesting to know how they ended up like this.

  3. cassie says:

    this is some weird shit thats on this fucking site

  4. Angela says:

    What will I look like after being in the sea water for days?

  5. Alleybear says:

    Nah they good

  6. b291aa :)) says:

    This is the real shit. ♥ Is there any ways to send my collection of photos to you?

  7. mia13 says:

    this is wierd shit dude

  8. BloodyMary says:


  9. Airbornemama says:

    Your wrong hun, the 3rd to the last is the poor homeless man who got his face eaten off by a naked man on flakka and the restructured his face and it didn’t look to bad after he healed. And the Porsche girls name is Nikki Catsoures who argued with her dad, got his keys and took off in HIS new hoopty. She was on I-5 doing over 100 clipped a Honda and the car flew into the toll booths leaving her like you see there. Sad shit

  10. Isaac says:

    Bruh weakkkkkkkk give me some good stuff

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